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Xero Shoes are a high-tech upgrade on the traditional huaraches running sandals. Xero Shoes are a type and brand of minimalist shoe. Xero Shoes gives the fun and benefits of being barefoot, plus a layer of protection, a perfect fit, personalized style, an affordable price, and a 5,000 mile warranty. The major products which are being sold at this store are barefoot sandals, huaraches, barefoot sandal kits, DIY sandals, Sensori Venture and minimalist sandal, additionally Xero Shoes have a great collection of men’s bare footware, women’s bare footware and children’s bare footware. Xero Shoes are perfect for walking, hiking, yoga, or running 100-mile ultramarathons. Their 50,000+ customers from all around the world think Xero Shoes are the best barefoot running shoes their feet will ever love.

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